Organizational Development

D.I.A.L.O.G. Assessment

Data Indicating the Alignment of Organizational Goals

D.I.A.L.O.G. is a web-based survey evaluation instrument that measures the perceptions of the people within an organization against the seven categories that represent the Baldrige Award Criteria for Performance Excellence. The survey can be administered selectively or across the entire organization to determine if people understand the strategy, are committed to the overall goals of the organization and whether they are creatively involved in meeting customer needs. The reported data also provides a valuable tool for identifying specific areas that may need to be addressed and areas of strength which can be capitalized on.

The seven major categories of Assessment are:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Focus
  • Information and Analysis
  • Human Resources Development and Management
  • Process Management
  • Business Results

Our clients receive a detailed analysis of the data, which provides objective insight into their organization, plus identification of possible disconnects across the business. Using this information, you are able to determine actions and priorities to address obstacles within your organization that are impacting your performance. D.I.A.L.O.G. can also provide key information to be used as an effective benchmarking tool to measure results and continuous improvement.

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I was referred to Norman Gauthier in 1997 by my manager who was also a client of his. I had recently taken a challenging new position within a rapidly growing financial services company. In our first meeting I was amazed at how quickly Norm was able to identify certain behaviors and habits that were impeding success in my new role. We met on several occasions afterwards, following up on and tuning my professional development plan. I began to see results almost immediately, and today look back on this as a soul searching experience that helped charge my career for the next decade. I thoroughly enjoyed these meetings as well, and I know that many of my colleagues in the organization were also benefiting from Norm’s coaching.

I highly recommend Norm to organizations and professionals looking to maximize their potential and who are open to change and having an honest look at themselves. Over the last decade I have kept in touch with Norm. Over time I have observed how he is particularly in tune with how The Organization has evolved amid technological and other changes. He is also genuinely interested in my progress and seeing that I’m maintaining my edge. Whenever we get together, I always learn something new that helps me.

Dan Doherty,
Technical Director Software Development

Executive Coaching & Consulting - Boston, MA

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