Business & Executive Coaching

What is Business & Executive Coaching?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and people in transition use a executive coach to create, plan, or solve challenges in business, personal and professional areas of their lives. There are also times executive development or decision making requires a confidential one-to-one relationship where a wide range of issues can be confidentially explored and resolved. Through systematic assessment and dialog you can engage in this powerful coaching process that tackles both bottom line and work/life balance issues.

Leading at the Speed of Change

Today the growing pressures of business change and global competition fuel the demand for more-effective business leaders. It is their responsibility to set the tone and style for the organization - for effecting cultural shifts to meet changing values and expectations. In order to do that, business leaders must themselves change, and be prepared to continue to change.

The coaching program that we offer is a valuable and a powerful tool for performers who wish to shine even brighter - like the world-class athlete who seeks coaching in order to excel and then move to the next level. The program is also applicable to the business executive who has the potential, but for some reason is not delivering what might be expected or the new transitioning business executive who needs to integrate quickly under the pressures of a new unforgiving culture.

What is Coaching?

Coaching helps improve performance and personal effectiveness while reducing stress. It offers the rare opportunity to stand back and to take a fresh look at the experiences and assumptions of a lifetime. The coaching process enables a person to ?

  • Become aware of specific behaviors that need to change in order to improve short-term or long-term performance
  • Challenge underlying beliefs and values that offer possibilities for fundamental change that will enhance overall quality of life.
  • Adopt a healthy balance between career and personal life which sustains the vitality necessary for effective leadership
  • Facilitate the identification of inner resources while targeting areas for growth

The Coach
The business coach offers direction and assistance but the choice rests with the individual. It is he or she that discovers the self-knowledge which forms the foundation for continued growth. Because the coach brings objectivity to the relationship, they can be freely confided in. The Coach also offers a variety of skills to the relationship by assuming different roles ? supporter, co-creator, political confidant and skills developer ?


  • Counselor
  • Advisor
  • Listener

Political Confidant

  • Challenger
  • Influencer
  • Decision Facilitator


  • Problem Solver
  • Idea Generator
  • Opportunity Organizer

Skills Developer

  • Innovator
  • Thought Expander
  • Trainer
  • Mentor

Norm guided me through a process of reorganizing my department in a way that engaged and energized the whole team. In many ways, I attribute much of my success as a manager to the lesssons that I learned from him. I learned through the insight he shared and coaching that he was truly interested in my success. His honest, tell it like it is approach, combined with his ability to impart his considerable knowledge using clear messages, was helpful in revealing my current (and hidden) strengths, and also come to grips with areas that need improvement.

A. Waples,
Consulting Manager

Executive Coaching & Consulting - Boston, MA

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