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I have drafted this letter to share with you the tremendous positive impact Norman’s Executive Coaching services have had on me, the department that I lead and the company at large.

I began to work with Norman in 2013 as an Executive Coach; I was seeking his advice to chart the vision for Finance as the company was growing quickly. As part of the process Norman conducted a 360 Degree assessment by interviewing my colleagues at the Executive level as well as our CEO. This exercise would help me gain valuable insight as to what they felt my strengths and areas for improvement were in role of CFO. In addition, he worked with me on a personality profile to better understand how my style would work within the organizational culture and expectations of my role. This was an enlightening experience that set the tone for the areas that I would be working on to achieve a higher level of success within the organization.

Norman helped me to look at the structure within Finance and make some key changes that would significantly improve how the group functioned as a team and how the team performed to our specific monthly goals.

After implementing structure and staffing changes we successfully reduced our month end close (to produce financial statements) from an average of 47 days to 19 days. In addition the team was able to tackle and reconcile over $1.7 million dollars of aged items on our balance sheet netting additional profit to the company.

Norman definitely guided me in making the appropriate changes professionally and organizationally that helped me to support Atrion’s growth from a $76 million dollar company in 2013 to at $154 million dollar company at the end of 2016. 

I would highly recommend Norman’s coaching services to any executive who wants to optimize their professional and business performance. If you have any further questions feel free to call me at 401-825-4119.


Marianne Caserta, CPA, CGMA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Since meeting Norman in 1998 and having the luxury of working with him I have both flourished in my career and my personal life. Norman opened my eyes and made me aware of what was happening in my environment. He strengthened my leadership skills and boosted my confidence; as a result I have been promoted twice and recognized for executive training. Norman was able to quickly assess my business issue and using his many techniques would come up with the right solutions. As a result I was able to successfully rebuild two organizations focused on learning and development. Norman’s ability to quickly break down complex situations/issues and develop solutions is just amazing to me. I am grateful to have met and been coached by a highly skilled professional such as Norman. I continue to learn from him every time I converse with him. I do not believe I could have reached my potential today both personally and professionally without his guidance.

L. Ranieri,
Director Technical Operations

Executive Coaching & Consulting - Boston, MA

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