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Attributes of Genuine Leaders What do they do when they get stuck?

Have you ever been in a situation where you "know what to do," but you just don't do it? Many people experience this paralyzing feeling. A friend describes it like being in the middle of a flat open road you've never been on, with no familiar land markers in sight as your GPS dies. In his new book, The Corner Office, author Adam Bryant describes the five critical attributes leaders call on in those moments of doubt, to inspire others and take action even when it may not be clear which direction to move in. Hang in there with me as we review each of these attributes .

First, leaders have passionate curiosity. We often see leaders in a public arena, where they need to project an image of certainty and success with a clear sense of direction. What is less visible with true leaders is their appetite to learn from others by asking the right questions. They genuinely care about people and listen to what's being said. They are also willing to share stories of success and failures they've learned from. This passionate curiosity helps to create multiple options and pathways to "getting unstuck" from the boundaries we often create for ourselves.

Great leaders also have both confidence and a way of keeping things simple. Confidence doesn't mean that the leader is always right or always knows the answer. Rather, this leadership confidence means that they can take ownership of a failure, learn from previous experiences, and believe passionately in their ability to make the most of whatever comes next for them and their organizations. Keeping things simple means that leaders quickly create a focus or plan. As Bryant says, " . Lose the

I have drafted this letter to share with you the tremendous positive impact Norman’s Executive Coaching services have had on me, the department that I lead and the company at large.

I began to work with Norman in 2013 as an Executive Coach; I was seeking his advice to chart the vision for Finance as the company was growing quickly. As part of the process Norman conducted a 360 Degree assessment by interviewing my colleagues at the Executive level as well as our CEO. This exercise would help me gain valuable insight as to what they felt my strengths and areas for improvement were in role of CFO. In addition, he worked with me on a personality profile to better understand how my style would work within the organizational culture and expectations of my role. This was an enlightening experience that set the tone for the areas that I would be working on to achieve a higher level of success within the organization.

Marianne Caserta, CPA, CGMA, MBA,
Chief Financial Officer

Executive Coaching & Consulting - Boston, MA

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